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Arua Thali

Odia Food tale - Thursday

In Odisha, we celebrate "Thursday" as an auspicious day, that is dedicated to 'Mata Laxmi' (Goddess of wealth & wellfare). On this day most of the Odia families worships the 'Goddess Laxmi'. We offer different type of sweets & fruits to the Goddess seeking her blessings on the family.

So most of the Odia families prepare a "Satwik Bhojan" (Without onion garlic) on Thursday. It mostly includes upma, puri-sabzi, paratha-sabzi etc. in breakfast.Then for lunch mostly we use "Arua" rice grain (White & fine rice) for variety of aromatic rice for lunch, Dalma, Bhaja (different vegitables fry), Bharta (A tasy preparation using different vegitables), Khata ( A sweet-tangi preparation for variety of fruits & veggies) and many more to name. For dinner mostly we prefer paratha prepared with ghee, one veg curry or bhaja, a sweet dish (varients of Payas, Kheer).

Thursdays are indeed special for all of Odias. I am sure many of the Odias have grown of with do's & don'ts in the family.

For example : 1. Odia mom's makes sure that we don't eat onion garlic on this day.

2. We rise up and bath early.

3. You will see "chitta" ( figurines & art made with thin rice paste) on every Odia house

3. We are not allowed to cut our nails on the Thursday. They say it allows bad spirit in to our lives.

4. We are not allowed to apply oil on the hair.

5. We are not allowed to cut the hair as well.

6. The married women are supposed to wear alta on the feet.

Well, there are endless rules on the list. Let us know if you too have such traditions In your culture. And if you're Odia, let's know what rules you followed.

Article by Tia Das

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