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Banana Smoothie

Start your morning with hell lot of nutrients & Protein. In Diginmeal's breakfay menu, we have an super easy and healthy recipe of home made "Cashew & Cookie Banana Smoothie"

Cashew & Cookie Banana Smoothie

Ingredients :

4-5 Cashew nuts (Soaked in Milk overnight)

4 Oat meal Cookie

1 Banana

1 & 1/2 Cup Milk (Chilled)

For Garnish :



Dry roasted Cashew

Process : Grind the soaked Cashew nuts and add the cookies in it and churn for a minute. Take the mixture out and rest it for 5 minutes. Meanwhile take the banana and cut it in to peaces. Now pour half of the milk and sliced banana in a blender and blend it until the mixture gets smooth. Then add the cookie & cashew mixture and blend again. Once everything mixed well, add the rest of the milk and blend it again. Now place the mixture in freezer for about 5 minutes & the smoothie is ready. For garnishing, take a toothpick & pin a cherry on it. Pour the smoothie in a glass and place the pinned cherry & some nuts on it. Now the healthy drink is ready to boost your energy level.

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