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Coconut prawn curry

When your place is famous for fish and prawns it is oblivious you will definitely try the flavorful and aromatic way of authentic fishes or prawns. Diginmeal kitchen is trying authentic coconut milk prawn curry as Sunday special. An easy recipe that can be adapted for any type of prawn or shrimp.

If you love prawn curry then this will definitely be the best way you have ever had.

Let's go to the recipe :


Prawn 1/2kg

Onion 2 paste

Green chilli 4

Garam masala powder

Salt as per taste

Turmeric powder 1 tsp

Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp

Coconut Milk 4 tsp



Clean the prawn properly remove the outer cover and head as per your convenience. Marinate the prawns with salt and turmeric powder and keep it aside. Take some oil in a pan and put the marinate prawns in the pan and fry the prawns in a medium flame for 10 minutes till it changes to orange colour. Place it on a plate covered with tissue paper to soak the excess oil.

Now we need to prepare the masala with onions and ginger garlic paste. Take the pan heat so oil put the onion paste add some turmeric and some salt let the oil paste change it’s colour to brown. Add the ginger and garlic paste and stir it till there is no raw smell of ginger and garlic and it is mixed well.Add some garam masala powder and stir it properly.

Add the prawns fried earlier with the cooked masala now add some water and cover the pan with the lid to let it cook for 5 minutes in low flame. Now add the coconut milk and cook the curry for 5 -10 minutes more and if need can add some water as per your preference of the curry gravy.

Now our coconut milk prawn curry is ready to be served.

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