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For Dahi Bara (Vada)

1 Cup Black Grams ( Udad Daal)

3-4 Green Chillies

2 inch Ginger Chopped

1 tsp Crushed Cumin


Oil – For Deep Frying

2 Cups of Curd

1 Cup Water

2 tsp roasted cumin- red chilli powder

1/2 tsp Black pepper powder

Curry Leaves

Pinch of Asafoetida

1tsp Black salt

1/2 two carom seeds

1tsp mustard oil

2 dry red chilli

Toppings :

Fried Bhujia

Fried Corn Chips

Chopped Onion

Chopped Coriander Leaves

Chopped Cucumber

Grated Carrots

Process Dahi Bara:

Soak the Udad Daal for 6 hrs or over night . Grind the daal and make a thick paste. Add salt, ginger, green chillies, crushed cumin powder in the batter and mix well. Heat some oil for deep frying. Deep fry the Bara(Vada). Now take the fried Bara and put it in a bowl of luke warm water.

Take another bowl mix the curd and water well. For tadka, heat some mustard oil in pan. Add cumin seeds, carom seeds. Add a pinch of hing, dry red chillies, curry leaves. Now the tadka is done

Add the tadka in curd. Then add some salt, black pepper, roasted cumin-red chilli powder, black salt and mix well. Now add the soaked Bara (Vada) in the curd. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes.

For final plating, add the prepared Dahi Bara in serving plate. Pour some Aloo dum & Matar tarkari on it. Add Chopped onions, coriander leaves, grated carrot, chopped cucumber, fried Bhujia, Corn Chips on top. Now the most famous Odia street food is ready to eat.

We will soon share the recipe of Aloo dum & Matar tarkari too.

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