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Fried Fish with Sambal Sauce Recipe


1/2 kg firm fleshy fish (mackerel, tilapia, or red snapper preferably)

2 tbsp turmeric powder

2 tsp salt

1cup cooking oil

2 cups sambal sauce

Steps :

Rinse the fish well. Remove the scales, guts, and gills. Score the flesh by making two to three cuts on both sides, the depth of the cuts should be midway between the skin and the flesh.

Put salt and turmeric on fish, rub it all over the fish including the cavity. Cover with cling film and leave to marinate in the fridge for half an hour.

About ten minutes before cooking, take the fish out of the fridge to allow it to come to room temperature.

Keep a wok/pan on high flame and heat the oil. Once the oil is smoking hot, put the fish in the oil. After about half a minute, turn the heat down to medium.

Then turn it over after about two minutes. Fry until both sides of the fish are golden brown.

Place some kitchen towels on a plate. Put the fish on top of the kitchen towel to drain away excess oil.

Transfer the fish to a serving plate and smother with sambal sauce and serve hot.

Sambal Sauce


10 Onions

8 fresh chilies

5 cloves garlic

1 stalk lemongrass (use only the bottom 3 inches of the stalk)

2-inch fresh raw turmeric

2-inch piece ginger

10 dried chilies

5 tbsp cooking oil

2 tbsp tamarind paste

3 tablespoons palm sugar

Fish sauce to taste (optional)

Process: Roughly chop the raw turmeric, ginger, onion, green chilies and keep it aside. Slice the lemongrass thinly. Crush or grate the garlic. Soak the dry chilies in hot water for 5 minutes.

Now take all the ingredients and grind well. The mixture should thick & smooth.

Heat the oil in a wok or pan. Once the oil is moderately hot, sauté the paste over low heat for about 15 minutes.

Keep stirring the paste constantly so that it does not stick to the pan. Once the spices start smelling nice, add the tamarind paste, palm sugar, and fish sauce. (You can avoid the fish sauce)

Cook it for 5-10 minutes more. Once the oil starts to get separated from the sauce turn of the gas and keep it aside to cool down.

You can store this sauce in a bottle for 2 months in the fridge.

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