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Tangri Chicken (Roasted chicken In Air fryer)

What came first the chicken or egg I don't care as I eat both and enjoy a lot.

Love for chicken is so much deep we don't even tolerate anything which comes in the way.

Never love anyone who treats you like ordinary except chicken wings (Tangri Chicken ).

No oil and fire prepare roasted chicken with AirFryer.

Credit : Ravijeet Sinha

Ingredients :

Chicken leg piece (6)

Turmeric powder( 3-4 tspn)

Coriander powder (3-4 tspn)

Cumin powder (3-4 teaspoon )

Black pepper ( 1 teaspoon)

Red Chilli powder (2 teaspoon)

Salt ( as per taste)

Ginger garlic paste ( 2 teaspoon)

Cardamom power ( 1 teaspoon )

Mustard oil ( 1 teaspoon)

Curd ( 4 teaspoon)

Marinate and put in the fridge for 1 hour ( in moderate temp )




Put under airfrier for 30 min




ur chicken Tangri ( oil-free) is ready to eat.

Enjoy 🍗

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